The more broken the bin—the better the result!          
At Vv4 AGRI we fix and repair all wooden bins.  Some bins need to be rebuilt from scratch.  Used bins are repaired with older wood and newer bins with new components to reduce costs for the customer.  Our unique bin repair report lists all components replaced.  Our current capacity is to repair up to 150 bins per day.  Old bins will be as sturdy as new ones.  Screws are re-used if practical or else new 60mm ones will be applied.  Components of the oldest bins can be used for material for newer ones where possible.  In doing so, the ‘write-off’ of older bins can be reduced for you our customer.  We are interested in buying old bins (wrecks) to procure components for old bin repairs.

The service offering          
A team of bin repair professionals are available to reduce your maintenance costs by doing their job extremely well in repairing your bins.  Our clients are all keen to provide feedback regarding quality, service levels and support experienced from dealing with us.     
Vv4 AGRI also offers transport, bin rental, depot facilities, cold storage space and packing services from our premises and we encourage you to make use of our other services and facilities. 

Please contact Frans Viljoen on 082 568 2600 or for a quotation should you require to have used bins repaired.


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We are based in Wolseley. 1 hour drive from Cape Town