Vv4 AGRI facilitated the formation of a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Trust (B-BBEE Trust) called AGRI-LIFE Trust [IT980/2010].  The Trust was established with the main purpose of promoting, conducting and enhancing community development and anti-poverty initiatives and to uplift poor and needy persons on a charitable, philanthropic and benevolent basis.  AGRI-LIFE Trust is a non-profit organisation [081-407-NPO] and a social initiative aimed at creating social value for those in need.  The initiative offers BEE Scorecard points for the Corporate Investor for elements of Socio-Economic Development (SED) such as Social Corporate Investment (CSI) and Enterprise Development (ED).      
Vv4 AGRI has made a house on its premises available to BADISA on a full-time basis for serving the community.  BADISA Wolseley is a church based non-profit organisation and a public benefit organisation.  Their working areas include Wolseley and 52 surrounding farms.  This Service Centre typically offer meals, transport to and from the Centre and a selection of additional services such as hairdressing, day care and health education.  These services are aimed at improving the quality of life of older people by engaging them mentally, offering social opportunities, and promoting their self-respect.
Vv4 AGRI is a BEE certified level 4 contributor that is committed to playing a proactive role in the empowerment of previously disadvantaged South Africans.  This means that our customers can recognise 100% of their spend with us as preferential spending.

AGRI-LIFE Trust and Vv4 AGRI are ideally placed for future growth, thereby promoting socio-economic development throughout the region.


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We are based in Wolseley. 1 hour drive from Cape Town