Vv4 AGRI recently acquired a packing facility for the packing of apples and oranges.  We successfully commissioned the packing line and started packing apples for distribution to local markets and for exports to other countries abroad.

The service offering          
The packing of fruit is managed by the Operational Director, Danie Viljoen who closely monitors the packing process.  We have existing relationships with a number of farmers/producers for the packing of apples and oranges.   
Vv4 AGRI also offers transport, bin rental, bin manufacture and bin repairs, depot facilities and cold storage space from our premises and we encourage you to make use of our other services and facilities. 

Please contact Danie Viljoen on 082 453 9091 or danie@vv4.co.za for a quotation for the packing of Apples and Oranges at any time.



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We are based in Wolseley. 1 hour drive from Cape Town