Vv4 AGRI (Pty)Ltd provides transport services, depot services and facilities, fruit- and vegetable packing facilities and manufactures & repair wooden fruit bins to be used in the fruit industry.  Vv4 AGRI also facilitate exports to other countries by using a number of recognized and reputable brokers.  The company is lead by Mr. Dirk Viljoen (link to Dirk Viljoen) who has many years of experience in managing a similar business and farming operations. 

Vv4 AGRI is centrally located in the Boland district in Wolseley, 45km west of Worcester.  The factory premises consist of 7,000 square meters of covered factory space on land of 5.3 hectares.  Cold storage facilities are available for the storage of 2,000 bins at -0.5˚ C. 
The loading and off-loading areas comprises 2.5 hectares of vacant land that can fit 170,000 fruit bins.  Undercover storage space is limited to 30,000 bins.  Current production capacity for new bins is 450 per day.  The company owns a fleet of 20,000 wooden fruit bins (bulk) as well as 2,000 mini-bins.   
A competent and well-trained staff contingent with many years of experience, ensures that the Bin division can manufacture and repair wooden bins effectively.  Similarly, the accounting staff comprises experienced bookkeepers that are lead by Jacques Stofberg CA(SA) (link to Jacques Stofberg)
Operations are headed by Mr Danie Viljoen (link to Danie Viljoen) who has worked on various well-known farms in the Cold Bokkeveld for a period of 28 years.  The total staff complement comprises 44 permanent and 100 seasonal staff members. 
We are experienced in reception of fresh fruit, pips and dried fruit          

Vv4 AGRI is keen to create additional permanent  jobs through increased utilisation of its packing facilities.  The company is proud to actively contribute to job creation in Wolseley.  

Vv4 AGRI is actively seeking to expand its business through the provision of bins, transport services, depot services, cold storage space and the better utilization of its packing facilities to various clients in the agricultural industry. 


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We are based in Wolseley. 1 hour drive from Cape Town